Game Guide - Gangs

NT8 (Ninety-Eight Street)

Gang Leader: Label
Surge Gauntlet Ability Unlocked: Fireball/10,000xp
Difficulty: Easy

Label is by far the coolest of the gang leaders in Mega City. He’s suave, quick with the one-liners, and is just about the chillest mother-lover you’ll ever meet.

NT8 are trend-centric. Heavy on the logos, branding. Whatever this world’s equivalents of Supreme, Nike, Gucci, Kapital, and Stussy are, NT8 are covered in them head-to-toe. To an insane degree. Hell, they’ve even got brands on their brands! No other gang brings the style to the arcade like NT8. Everything they do is flashy, sleek, and on-trend. Aficionados of both what’s new and hot, as well as the vintage pieces to cop. In constant pursuit of the freshest drip; will do pretty much anything... if they think it’s cool.


Main - Get in the Game : Play a round of Arcadegeddon.

Main - Power to the Players : Use you Surge Gauntlet 10 Times

Optional 1 - So Extra : Open 3 Chests

Optional 2 - Genie in a Cartridge : Collect 5 Hacks

Optional 3 - Baby’s First Bossfight : Defeat a Boss

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